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The fundament of the exom framework is the integrated Object Model. This Object Model support Rapid Application Development and Rapid Prototyping. The main goal of the Object Model is to be flexible for extensions. Many extensions of the framework are designed to write user interface independent applications.

So the architecture of a typical exom based application is strictly divided into two parts:

  • The application library, containing the application logic.
  • The UI application code (GUI, Console) using the application library.

The application library itself knows nothing about its user interface and is based only on the exom libray. A customized user interface of the application needs an exom Add-On library like exomWin32 to connect the application library to the user interafce. Using future Add-On implementations for other GUI subsystems (like wxWidgets, libXUL, QT, WPF, ...) need only a new UI application, without changing the application libray or the UI code for other GUI subsystems.

Core features

The following sections describe core features of the exom framework.

Code generator

The compatibitity of exom based applications is described in section Compatibility

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