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exom SDK - Download

This section provide downloads related to the exom SDK.
Currently two develpoment environments are supported are supported. Choose the SDK compatible to your development environment.
The exom SDKs are evaluation versions, expiring on a fixed date. Any usage beyond evaluation requires a license.

Select the exom SDK fitting to your development environment.

Current stable version:
Visual C++ 6.0 exom_SDK_1.1.0.3983_vc60.zip (2,9 MB)
Visual C++ .NET 2005 (8.0) exom_SDK_1.1.0.3983_vc80.zip (2,7 MB)

Older Versions:
Visual C++ 6.0 exom_SDK_1.0.3.3939_vc60.zip (2,9 MB)
exom_SDK_1.0.2.3877_vc60.zip (2,9 MB)
exom_SDK_1.0.1.3828_vc60.zip (2,9 MB)
exom_SDK_1.0.0.3782_vc60.zip (2,9 MB)
Visual C++ .NET 2005 (8.0) exom_SDK_1.0.3.3939_vc80.zip (2,7 MB)
exom_SDK_1.0.2.3877_vc80.zip (2,7 MB)
exom_SDK_1.0.1.3828_vc80.zip (2,7 MB)
exom_SDK_1.0.0.3782_vc80.zip (2,7 MB)
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