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exom SDK Release 1.1.0 (Build 3983)

(Release Date: 2006-09-20)
New Features:
  • exom: Introducing a standard customizable search dialog implemented by XmFindDlg. Support global an local searches within object hierarchy
    (Previously  implemented in exomWin32 library.)
  • exom: support detailed debug information for assertions.
  • exomWin32: Support handling of localized resource dlls for ATL/Win32 based applications.
    The project exom : siteministrator illustrate the localization of an exom - ATL based application.
Bug fixes:
  • none

exom SDK Release 1.0.3 (Build 3939)

(Release Date: 2006-07-17)
New Features:
  • exom: Multithread support in dialogs which can be used for 'progress dialogs'. Therefore introduced the dialog lock.
  • exom: Introduced thread synchronization class XmLock. (Necessary for Multi thread support)
  • exom: Documentation update for multi threading.
  • exom: Support ungetting characters when parsing files with XmPrsStream
  • exomWin32: Add multi thread support for concerned controls and XmUIDialog.
  • exomWin32: Improved localization support. Full support of localization by resource dlls within win32 or ATL based applications
  • exomWin32: Introduced action handler for CXmListCtrl to customize key and mouse handling
Bug fixes:
  • exom: Support Linefeed encoded by '\r' when parsing text files
  • exomWin32: Fixed localization for dialogs (search dialog, properties dialog, user request dialog, page dialog, date/time dialog, new element dialog) provided by the Add-On exomWin32.

exom SDK Release 1.0.2 (Build 3877)

(Release Date: 2006-05-20)
New Features:
  • exom: Path to the application settings can be customized
  • exom: Introduced XmPath::GetObjectPath() to get the path to a given Object
  • exom: Insert documentation of XmDateTime
  • exom: Introduced virtual destructors for XmStreamIn and XmStreamOut
  • exomWin32: Introduced CXmControl::NavigateToControlPath() to allow navigation to objects of atoms shown by a control using their path. (Feature will be used to navigate from search result  item to the object/atom in the object hierarchy).
Bug fixes:
  • exom: Bugifx for XmPathInfo::FindMother()
  • exom: Bugfix for timezone calculation in XmTime32

exom SDK Release 1.0.1 (Build 3828)

(Release Date: 2006-03-01)
New Features:
  • exom: Each atomic data (class members) can be attached to a function. Until now is was only possible to attach predefined funtions like a file or a folder dialog.
  • exom: Notification for UIDialog indicating that an user action finished.
  • exomWin32: Support updates within an combobox-edit after each key press
  • exomWin32: Removing windows from the layout
  • exomWin32: Visualization of sorting state by an arrow in the column header
  • exomWin32: Support user defined controls by interface class CXmControl
Bug fixes:
  • exom: fixed wrong iteration XmDocument::GetNextDoc() 
  • exom: fixed if using XmStreamInFile::OpenFile() with filename ""

exom SDK Release 1.0.0 (Build 3782)

(Release Date: 2006-01-08)
First release of exom SDK.
Copyright © 2006 Praetz Software Development - www.exomware.com