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exomWin32 - GUI Controls for Win32

All common controls of Win32 are supported by the exom SDK. This means objects, container or atomic data can be connected to these controls. The usage of these controls by an application is imaginable easy. The connection between data and a control will always be established by one line of code. For example connecting an edit control to a string looks like in the following way:

ConnectEditCtrlID (IDC_Page_m_Title, XmPathRef (&ref) << minis.ATM_TITLE);

Connection to other controls is similar to the example.

Simple controls

Simple controls means that the implementation by the GUI-Add-On exomWin32  for these controls is comparatively  simple.
Edit connected to string, integers, ...
Static connected to string, integers, ...
Button connected to commands
Check box connected to boolean types
Radio Button connected to string, integers, ...
Toolbar connected to commands and boolean types
Menus (with icons) connected to commands and boolean types
Context Menus connected to the commands and boolean types of one object
Slider connected to integer an floats.
Progress Bar connected to integer an floats.
DatePicker connected to date/time atoms
MonthCalendar connected to date/time atoms

Extended controls

Because implementation of these controls within the GUI-Add-On exomWin32 is more complex so they are called extended controls. They also exceed the standard functionality provided by the Windows platform.
ListView connected to container object for showing its items
  • controls up to 1.000.000 items (independent from numbers of columns)
  • multi columns (up to 500)
  • editable subitems (by edit, combobox or '...')
  • column types: text, checkbox, radiobutton, progress bar
  • sortable by all columns
  • navigation through object hierarchy
  • Cut/Copy/Paste of items to and from Windows clipboard in XML Format
  • moving up/down of items
  • context menu of objects (items)
  • provide search functionality starting from selection
  • all controls are connectable to list selection (Toolbar, Button, List, ...)
  • columns are insert- and deletable by user during runtime
  • flicker free by SmartMemDC (optional)
TreeView same control as ListView, tree/list view switchable during runtime
Properties connected to objects
  •    editable by edit, combobox or '...'
  •    expand/collapse of objects
  •    context menu of objects
  •    provide search functionality starting from selection
  •    flicker free by SmartMemDC (optional)
Description connected to current selected object or data field
ComboBox connected to string, integers, ...
  • multi columns in dropdown list
  • autoexpandation
  • with or without edit control
Page Container connected to objects
  • display a standard (properties + description) or a user defined window.    
  • Toggeling between standard and user defined window.
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