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exom : siteministrator - Download

Current Beta version:
Compatible to Windows -98,  -ME, -NT, -2000, -XP, -Vista
Support languages: English / German

Installer for Windows -98,  -ME, -NT, -2000, -XP, -Vista sitemin_0.9.0.3983_setup.zip
(0,6 MB)
Source code (C++) and projects for VS60 and VS2005
Requires exom SDK in version
To compile extract the source code in folder parallel to the exom folder.
(0,4 MB)

exom : siteministrator @ SourceForge

The source and the installer are also available at SourceForge project  exom : siteministrator.
The source code, layouts, translations and documention are part of the SVN repository. If you have installed TortoiseSVN, the following links will open the selected section within Checkout dialog of TortoiseSVN.

Complete project including all requires libs, dlls and headers of the exom SDK TortoiseSVN trunk
(17,0 MB)
SiteMin application files only (source, translations, documentation, layouts)
Requires the exom SDK v1.1.0.3983 which can be downloaded as zip file.
TortoiseSVN trunk/SiteMin
(1,0 MB)
Layouts only TortoiseSVN trunk/SiteMin/bin/layouts
(0.1 MB)

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