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exom : siteministrator

exom : siteministrator
is a compact and fast open source desktop CMS (content management system) for generation of documentations, small or medium sized websites and internet investigations. Downloads (source, layouts, translations and setup.exe) are available at the download section and at the SourceForge project exom : siteministrator.
This is application is intended to be a reference application using the exom SDK. exom : siteministrator is distributes with the BSD license. You are allowed to use the source code in your own projects even commercial applications.

  • support multilingual projects
  • customizable layouts
  • support extern HTML editors (e.g. NVU, FrontPageDreamweaver, Word or OpenOffice)
  • full file based projects
  • integrated browser
  • full text search
  • support link relations (e.g. links like: home, contents, previous, next, up, ...) see www.webcoder.info 
Further information
  • exom : siteministrator is free. You are engaged to set a link to www.exomware.com for websites created with this application.
  • exom : siteministrator is open source and was developed to show the features of the exom SDK
  • New layouts are welcome and can be submitted at the layout section.
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